MIFF Furniture Design Competition



1st Prize
(RM10,000 + Trophy + Certificate)

Name Victoria Pamela Yap Wei
Design The Able
Prototyped By BSL Furniture

2nd Prize
(RM5,000 + Trophy + Certificate)

Name Zech Siew Ze Chon
Design Trapezoids Dining Set
Prototyped By Sunny & Ker Furniture Industries

3rd Prize
(RM2,500 + Trophy + Certificate)

Name Tan Ying Chi
Design EYE Lash
Prototyped By Supreme Tropical Furniture & Fella Design

Best Prototype Maker (Gift + Certificate)

Sunny & Ker Furniture Industries Sdn Bhd (Trapezoids Dining Set)

Finalist (RM500 + Certificate)

Finalist Name of Design Prototyped By
Daecan Tee Jia Chyn Cradle Oasis Furniture Industries
Yang Wen Wei NVNA Tea Table Pro Team Interior
How Juin Lynn Semi-Locera Supreme Tropical Furniture
Nur Atiqah Iman Aminuddin Simply-sit BSL Furniture
Yap Xin Yi Tsumineru Mau Sin Bentwood Industry