MIFF Furniture Design Competition 2023

Theme: Post-pandemic Workspace Furniture

Working spaces have been through quite some revolutions throughout the decades. Now, at this post-pandemic phase, the way and the needs of how we work are being rethought in order to support remote working, social distancing, providing cleaner work spaces and many other SOP which try to bring us back to work in a healthier and productive way.

  • Participants are encouraged to design any type of workspace furniture for commercial or home office use such as: Multifunctional office furniture, office seating, workstations, partition, storage system, furniture in discussion area, public seating, etc.
  • In order to promote sustainable living for our planet we are encourage the participants to take into consideration of Circular economy trends when designing the Post-Pandemic Workspace Furniture.
  • Furniture is an integral part of life, a way of living, the design should has the global appeal and the marketability of the product is what breathes life into your design.