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Post-Show Report

MIFF 2023 Post-Show Report

MIFF is the largest and leading export-oriented furniture trade show in Southeast Asia, showcasing a vast collection of made-in-Malaysia wooden furniture, home furniture and office furniture. Established in 1995, MIFF has connected a community of 20,000+ buyers from 136 countries and regions with 600+ furniture manufacturers and exporters from 11 countries and regions annually in March.

2023 show gained traction from the pent-up demand as exhibitors and buyers took over the trade floor to reconnect and transact orders from the wide selection of new products and fresh designs on display for the first time after the pandemic.

This year also spotlights MIFF’s resilience in weathering the storm and undeniably remain a strong relevant link in the global supply chain with the continued presence of more powerful buyers sourcing from the show. With buyers coming from all over the world, MIFF has become an attractive gateway for exhibitors to seek new international buyers and markets.

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