About MIFF Furniture Design Competition

The MIFF Furniture Design Competition (MIFF FDC) celebrates the creative spirit of design and to uncover young talent to support Malaysia’s thriving furniture industry. Organised each year since 2010 in conjunction with Malaysian International Furniture Fair (MIFF), it offers the best platform to emerging designers to showcase their innovative ideas before a global audience of furniture manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers, industry influencers and industry media.

Nearly 2,000 design students and young professionals have entered the competition over the span of ten years. Past winners and competitors have launched their careers with their own design studios or working with local manufacturers and exhibiting in MIFF as well.

The stage is set for you to design your future. Showcase your design artwork to thousands at Southeast Asia’s largest furniture exhibition, and you could just be our next winner.


  • A platform for design talents to showcase their creativity and innovativeness in furniture design
  • To draw newcomers to furniture design
  • To promote the development of the Malaysian furniture industry internationally through innovative, well designed products
  • To encourage the creation of an identity for Malaysian furniture products

Prizes will be awarded to the 1st, 2nd & 3rd place winners:

  • Cash prizes
  • Trophy from the Mayor of Kuala Lumpur
  • Gift sponsored by Electrolux

“Living Furniture, Global Perspective” is this year’s theme that was generated in light of an increasingly globalised world. Hence, to design furniture that would appeal to the world, it would be good start by studying the current lifestyles of consumers and the global demand. As for “Living Furniture”, it hopes to inspire entrants to think furniture as an integral part of life, and a way of life.

Wood should be the main component of your design.
Malaysia’s furniture industry is highly export-oriented with over 90% of them being wooden furniture. Malaysia is blessed to have quality hardwood in abundance which has long been the core of the local furniture production. An important criterion in judging would be how one designs the furniture that breathes the soul of wood that Malaysia is so well known for around the world.

The NEW challenge this year is to require the participants to further expand the design into a furniture collection or series in accommodate to the global buying trend.

to participate



RM 5,000 + Trophy + Certificate


RM 3,000 + Trophy + Certificate


RM 2,000 + Trophy + Certificate



*The artworks of all finalists’ design will be showcased at a special exhibit during MIFF 2019, 8-11 March


Best Institution Award - institution with the most active and quality participation

Best Mentor Award - most dedicated lecturer in mentoring participant(s) to develop quality product design


  • What does MIFF FDC stands for?
    MIFF FDC stands for MIFF Furniture Design Competition. MIFF FDC is an annual furniture design competition organised in conjunction with Malaysian International Furniture Fair (MIFF).

  • How many years has MIFF FDC been running for?
    MIFF FDC was first started in 2010 as Ideation Award and renamed as MIFF FDC in 2013. This will be the 10th edition of MIFF FDC.

  • What is the theme for MIFF FDC 2019?
    MIFF FDC 2019 theme is “The Millennials Workspace Furniture”. Millennials pave the way for today’s ongoing revolution of workplace, setting their vision of a nurturing, dynamic and fun working environment, a beautiful office to call home.
    • Any type of furniture in workspace designed for commercial and home office such as:
      – Office seating, work stations, partition, storage system, furniture in discussion area, public seating, etc.
    • Furniture is an integral part of life, a way of life. A global appeal and marketability of the product is what breathes life into your design.

    Tips: Think of furniture that integrates plants or natural elements into the workspace.

  • Who eligible to participate in this contest?
    MIFF FDC 2019 is open to Malaysians, and foreigners residing, working or studying in Malaysia with authorised permits. Participants must be aged 40 or below for the duration of the competition ending 10 March 2019. It is open to all backgrounds, including design students and professionals.

  • Are there any participation fees?
    No. This competition is free-of-charge.

  • How many entries can I submit?
    Participants are allowed to submit as many entries per sign up.

  • We wish to participate as a team. Is group submission allowed?
    No. Submission under a group of designers will not be accepted.

  • Are there any restrictions to the design submission?
    Entries must be newly created and unpublished (never appeared in the market as a product, featured in any newspapers, magazines, exhibitions or been a winner of other competitions). Entries that contravene intellectual or industry property rights will be disqualified. Participants will be liable for claims by third parties resulting from the contravention. The Organiser shall not be held responsible for any contravention.

  • Can I get back my design submission(s)?
    All submissions by participants are non-returnable and shall remain the property of the Organiser. Participants shall not use the same entry for other purposes unless with the permission of the Organiser.

  • When is the submission deadline?
    Entries are to be submitted by hand or by post by 29 October 2018 before 5pm Malaysia time. You can also send it via e-mail at fdc@miff.com.my. Participants are encouraged to submit their entry(s) early.

  • How do I make the design submission(s)?
    Participants can make the design submission(s) in hardcopy sealed in an envelope and send it by hand or by post to the following address:

    MIFF Furniture Design Competition (MIFF FDC)
    UBM Malaysia
    A-8-1 Level 8 Hampshire Place Office
    157 Hampshire, 1 Jalan Mayang Sari
    50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    Participants are also allowed to submit their entries via e-mail at fdc@miff.com.my.

    I can’t attach my files in the e-mail as the size is more than 25MB. Can I transfer my design submission via cloud storage services such as Dropbox and WeTransfer?Yes, you may transfer your file via cloud storage services such as Dropbox, WeTransfer, Google Drive, One Drive, etc and send the download link to our email at fdc@miff.com.my. Make sure to set the folder shareable with us.

  • In what format should I submit my design concept?
    A detailed concept of the design with photographs or visualised sketches and renderings, including brief descriptive annotations and approximate dimensions, must be presented on 7 pages of A3 format presentation pages (Landscape Orientation) in Adobe PDF format (Hi-Res, 300dpi).

    Each page must be labelled with a box of 4cm x 3cm on the bottom left corner of each page:
    - Name of the Design
    - Name of Designer


  • What are the supporting documents that I should submit together with my design entry?
    Your design entry should submit together with completed registration form AND a photocopy of your identity card, foreign resident’s permit/ student card, whichever is applicable.

  • How will the MIFF FDC 2019 Winner be selected?
    There are a total of 2 judging rounds to determine the winner. An online judging is done for the Preliminary Judging, from all entries received, 20 participants will be shortlisted to proceed to the Final Round Judging. The Top 20 finalists will be notified on 15 November 2018. For the Final Round Judging, all finalists are required to present their design to panel of judges on 29 January 2019 in Kuala Lumpur. The winner of MIFF FDC 2019 will be determined from this session.

  • When will the winners be announced?
    The winners of MIFF FDC 2019 will be announced on 10 March 2019.

    The Prize Presentation Ceremony would be held on 10 March 2019. The Top 3 Winner of MIFF FDC 2019 and all finalists are invited to attend the Prize Presentation Ceremony held during MIFF 2019.

  • What’s new in MIFF FDC 2019?
    New recognition awards will be given for institution:
    Best Institution Award - institution with the most active and quality participation
    Best Mentor Award – most dedicated lecturer in mentoring participant(s) to develop quality product design

  • What are the judging criteria for MIFF FDC 2019?
    • Creativity and aesthetic
    • Functionality
    • Marketability
    • Presentation

  • What will the MIFF FDC 2019 winners receive?
    1st Prize : RM 5,000 + Trophy + Certificate
    2nd Prize : RM 3,000 + Trophy + Certificate
    3rd Prize : RM 2,000 + Trophy + Certificate
    Finalists : Certificate

    With an opportunity to showcase your design at MIFF 2019, 8-11 March.

  • Where will MIFF FDC 2019 Design Showcase be held?
    It will be held at Level 2 Foyer in the Malaysia International Trade & Exhibition Centre (MITEC) during Malaysian International Furniture Fair from 8 March to 11 March. Further details of the fair available in the official website.

  • Only the MIFF FDC Winners’ design artworks are showcased during MIFF 2019?
    No, the design artworks of MIFF FDC 2019 Top 3 Winners together with all the 17 finalists will be showcased during MIFF 2019 from 8 March to 11 March. All designers are encouraged to be present throughout MIFF to answer the enquiry from the interested visitors and potential manufacturers and buyers.

  • How can I find out more about the MIFF FDC 2019 Competition?
    Should you require assistance, please feel free to contact us at fdc@miff.com.my or call +603-2176 8788.

  • How do I reach MIFF FDC 2019 via social media?
    Give our Facebook (MIFF Furniture Design Competition) page a thumb up to get connected.